MultiStrandz Online Beauty Supply Store

MultiStrandz is a brand geared towards promoting and educating healthy hair care practices and products. MultiStrandz mission is to create the largest selection of healthy hair products and accessories worldwide!    The Hair and Beauty industry is a billion dollar industry...Yes that's right, I said BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. In the last decade the need for hair products for consumers with curly, coily and wavy hair has sky rocketed! People are looking for healthy hair products and brick mortar locations worldwide are having a hard time supplying the demand.  Well, MultiStrandz is the SOLUTION! MultiStrandz is one of the largest online stores where consumers can shop hair inspired clothing and healthy hair accessories. With some extra funding for product inventory,MultiStrandz can expand its fast growing selection to include hair products! Consumers will be able to shop and find hair inspired clothing, accessories and hair products all in one place!  
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Entry Date: April 25th 2018

Kalen Spate

CEO and Founder