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Tech skills, like coding, are in high demand, and robotics is proving to be a great way to teach coding and problem solving to kids. Current educational robotics kits are too expensive, meaning most kids will never have the opportunity to experience the empowerment of seeing a robot run their code for the first time. That’s why we at MORE Technologies created the MOREbot, an affordable, Open Source, and fully programmable robot. We made it to inspire and empower kids to explore and grow in robotics and STEM. The MOREbot isn't just a robot. You can turn it into whatever you want and with add-on kits it can become everything from a drone, to an artist, to a real world problem solving tool. Even better, every non-electronics part can be bought at Walmart or 3D printed; so it’s easy to replace parts or even make new ones.  To learn more, visit           
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Entry Date: April 29th 2018

Canon Reeves

CEO / Co-Founder

Renata Shelton

CMO / Co-Founder

Peyton Smith

CFO / Co-Founder

Rex Hearn

CTO/ Co-Founder

Hieu Truong

Lead Software Engineer/ Co-Founder