Simkins Brothers' Sweets -- Innovative Sweets Company

Simkins Brothers' Sweets is a sweets company that was started in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2017.  Austin and Quinn Simkins, the company founders, started the company with their grandmother's recipe.  Our Chocolate Poppers (chocolate covered peanut butter) are made with no artificial flavors and are gluten free to ensure the highest quality product for our customers.  Innovative New Products We Are Currently Working On: Gourmet line of peanut butter: Olive oil will be used instead of palm oil to provide a much healthier and delicious option compared to store bought peanut butters.  Flavor Options Will Include: Honey, Chocolate, Sea Salt Vanilla, and more. New Product Line Called Chirpies: This product line will include CRICKET FLOUR to bring a high protein, sustainable, and nutritious candy option to the market. NEW Chocolate Popper products: This will include a cookie dough flavor and many more options!! We hope you enjoyed our video as much as we enjoyed making it!!  Please go vote for us to help make these ideas a reality!!
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Entry Date: April 18th 2018

Austin Simkins


Quinn Simkins


Maya De Silva

Marketing Manager