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How does the Idea Fame
Pitch Contest Work?


submit a 60-second video of your idea

It really couldn’t be easier. Make a video sharing your idea with us.  Keep it under 60-seconds, we have goldfish-like attention spans just like you. IdeaFame costs $10 per submission, $5 of which goes toward increasing the prize.


collect votes and win $10,000+

After your pitch has been uploaded, start collecting votes to win the People’s Choice Prize! Share your pitch on social media and encourage your friends to vote for your idea. Get the most votes, then proceed to make it rain.


Everyone Has an Idea

Bring Your Best One 

Watch the Video

Is IdeaFame for you?

Of course!  Your pitch can be anything from the great idea that came to you in the shower this morning to the startup you’ve been trying to find funding for for four years...  And you’re not limited to just one pitch per competition. 

Pitch something unique with confidence and creativity, and you’ll be golden!  If it’s your first pitch, check out some tips from the creators.

IdeaFame was created for innovators, entrepreneurs, dreamers, inventors, students, and creatives like you to better facilitate the spread of good ideas, make connections, and help fund the next big thing.

Whether you're looking for validation for your idea or startup capital with no strings attached, this is the platform for you.

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Ask Us Anything

Seriously. One time someone asked us how many calories they'd burn banging their head against the wall for an hour (~150 Calories depending on the bang rate). . .


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