What is IdeaFame?

Glad you asked.

An Idea Sharing Competition

Humans like you (and some farm animals) all around the globe have incredible ideas. Time to do something about it. When you enter your pitch in the IdeaFame competition, you will have the opportunity to build an audience and win more than $10,000! It only costs $10 per entry. Where does the money go? $3 goes toward increasing the total prize. The remainder helps grow the global innovation and entrepreneurship movement.

Apple, Google, and Tesla all started as an idea.  Who's next? 

How does the IdeaFame
Pitch Contest Work?


submit your 60-second video

It's stupid-simple. Make a video sharing your idea. Keep it under 60-seconds; we have goldfish-like attention spans just like you. IdeaFame costs $10 per submission, and $3 goes toward increasing the prize. The prize starts at $10,000 and is capped at infinity. 


collect votes To win 

After your pitch has been uploaded, start collecting votes to win the prize. Share your pitch on social media. Encourage your friends, family, and random fools to vote for your idea. Get the most votes, then proceed to make it rain! 

Is IdeaFame for you?

Probably not. You may hate money. If that's not the case, then give it a shot. Maybe even take a vacation day and submit 10 of your ideas. 

Your pitch can be anything from the great idea that came to you in the shower this morning to the startup you’ve been trying to find funding for for four years... Say that 10 times fast. 

IdeaFame was created for innovators, entrepreneurs, dreamers, inventors, students, and creatives like you to share, validate, and fund good ideas. Our aim: 10 million ideas in 10 years. 

Pitch something unique with confidence and creativity, and you’ll be golden! If it’s your first pitch, check out some tips from the creators.

The Inspiration



IdeaFame's founders have held live pitch contests since August of 2011 attracting thousands of contestants eager to pitch their ideas to an audience of angel investors, business leaders, and other entrepreneurs.  At these events, we've given away nearly $100,000 and many contestants have gone on to build successful ventures.  IdeaFame captures the excitement of live pitch competitions on a global platform.


Who We Are


Help the world unleash the potential of the next big idea. 


To grow a community where people around the world can share, validate, and fund their ideas.


10 million ideas in 10 years 


Our Values


Accept No Limits

Accept No Limits

Anything But Boring

Anything But Boring

Honest Like Abe

Honest Like Abe


Accept No Limits

Accept No Limits

Anything But Boring

Anything But Boring

Honest Like Abe

Honest Like Abe


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