What is IdeaFame?


You Have Ideas, We Help You Share Them

IdeaFame was started by a group of entrepreneurs to increase the spread of ideas and access to capital to innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, and people like you all around the globe.  Not everyone is ready to pitch on Shark Tank, and not everyone is interested in raising venture capital for their ideas.  We provide you with exposure to potential customers through our platform where you don't have to give up any ownership in your company for the chance at funding.  You don't even have to have an existing business to compete in IdeaFame.  The idea you submit might be one you had in the shower this morning.  Apple, Google, and Tesla all started as an idea.  Who's next? 

How do I enter?

  1. Create a profile: This will help users find your pitch so they can vote for you. 
  2. Upload a video: Upload a video to Youtube or Vimeo. Copy the link into your IdeaFame profile. Videos must be under 1 minute.
  3. Make your entry live: It costs $10 to enter the IdeaFame contest, $5 of which goes directly into the pot for the winner. 
  4. Collect votes: Share your pitch through multiple channels to collect votes.
  5. Win the prize: The pitch with the most votes will win the $10,000+ grand prize! 

IdeaFame's founders have held live pitch contests since August of 2011 attracting thousands of innovators and entrepreneurs eager to pitch their ideas to an audience of angel investors, business leaders, and other entrepreneurs.  At these events, we've given away nearly $100,000 and many contestants have gone on to build successful ventures.  Moving from live pitch competitions to an online platform was a natural progression to bring this excitement to emerging venture ecosystems around the world!